FROM THE BOOK JACKET: Brands not only reflect culture but actively shape societal norms and values. Move beyond performative inclusive marketing and drive the cultural conversation.

A brand today can build a marketing strategy that not only effectively resonates with audiences but also meaningfully impacts society at large. Learn how to produce inclusive marketing using an approach grounded in critical perspectives on society and the impact brands wield in shaping it. In this book, cultural theorist and strategist Anastasia Karklina Gabriel draws on social analysis, media theory, and semiotics to help marketers improve cultural fluency and future-proof brand strategy by embedding equity and inclusion into every aspect of marketing. Cultural Intelligence for Marketers explains how to create an inclusive marketing strategy using an actionable approach that draws on advanced insights into culture, identity, representation, and the power of media in driving social change.

The book offers an in-depth dive into the urgent need for cultural competence in marketing using a framework rooted in 4Cs: Culture, communication, critical consciousness, and community. It delves into practical aspects of conscious marketing, inclusive innovation, cultural insights, brand activism, social impact, and responsibility in business. It features insights from current and former marketing leaders at Wieden+Kennedy, Mindshare, Dentsu, and Saatchi & Saatchi, among others. Drawing on case studies from brands that are actively pursuing inclusive marketing strategies, including Microsoft, Pinterest, Billie, and REI, Gabriel outlines the process of deploying cultural intelligence to attain commercial advantage while transforming society for the better.

Anastasia Karklina Gabriel profile imageABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Anastasia Karklina Gabriel is a cultural theorist and strategist, specializing in inclusivity within marketing, media and tech. Currently a senior insights lead at Reddit, Dr. Gabriel earned her doctorate in cultural studies from Duke University and consulted for the world's top brands and agencies. A lifelong activist, she helps brands ignite cultural innovation and leverage the power of media for good. Her insights have been featured in the ANA, AMA, AW360, WSJ, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Teen Vogue. Dr. Gabriel is based in New York City, New York.

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